Leif Jørgensen established his first design business in 1989. Throughout the years he has been working as a partner in various companies; the latest set up together with Bestseller – the biggest fashion company in Denmark. Leif Jørgensen has designed a broad variety of furniture, private houses, office spaces and town houses – the primary focus has though been on retail concept design for the fashion industry. In August 2012, Leif Jørgensen established the first company in his own name.

 Design philosophy

  1. The social aspect: Social design relates to the contemporary human being and modern architecture. We are constantly facing new architectural spaces and opportunities that relate to the social changes around us.
  2. The global aspect: Global design, a discussion of design in relation to Western culture and other cultures. When cultures are lost, we face a choice of either continuing history – or start all over.
  3. Form: Contemporary design, can the industry realise the infinity line of a sketch. New techniques and production methods give new opportunities for design and architecture – and push boundaries .
  4. The independent idea: Original design, where we succeed in creating a new typography


Leif Jørgensen has an interest in art as well as the commercial aspect of design.  Today, the Architect not only creates the design, but is an integral part of a brand and design strategy for the customer.


For each project, we work with an international team of suppliers and contractors. From the initial idea to the final product – whether it is a door handle or a building – you only need one partner.