Leif Jørgensen is a Copenhagen/Danish/ Scandinavian based company with the approach to take everyday design in new directions for modern people, with simplicity as the key word.

We are inspired by contemporary art, the great masters and modern techniques.

We choose to produce locally and with existing tools.

Our goal is to be a small brand.

Who is Leif Jørgensen

Born 1962 in Stepping, south of Jutland, near Christiansfeld, Denmark.

Christiansfeld and Herrnhuternes/ shaker architecture has been an important part of my childhood.

I have grew up at an automobile workshop, and was brought into practice early on.

Both helping in the workshop, as well as riding the Speedway bikes, which I enjoyed in my early days.

In my 20’s I got interested in creativity, primarily with music, but also design.

An interest in the band Bauhaus led onto an interest in the German Bauhaus movement after a visit to London.

Design and architecture captured me, and I graduated from the Academy of Royal Arts in Copenhagen.

During my education in 1989, my best friend and I started a furniture store, where we sold both industrial fixtures and our own design, LLLP inventory.

The store became a focal point for us and other creative souls through the early 90’s.

In the same period and in connection with the completion of my study, and the fall of the wall, I was in Berlin several times to work as an architect.

During these years, I started as an independent architect, primarily with interior design, and scenography for music video and advertising films.

Venga boys video photo

In 2002, I meet a young Rolf Hay, who was going to work on his own furniture brand HAY, which I became part of in the beginning, with the first designs, trade shows, stores, etc.

It’s a contact we’ve held since, and I’m still involved in different tasks and sometimes new designs.

During that time, I also started working for the biggest clothes retailer I Denmark,  with properties and shops.

It resulted in a partnership for 7 years, from 2006-2013, where I was involved in 100 stores a year, as well as showrooms and offices worldwide.

In 2013 I formed Leif Jørgensen Architects where I still made store concepts, such as for Peak Performance, but also in recent years, private houses including all interior design.

Rather than a huge scale with lots of repetition, I made a small office again with more focus on the important things.

When I get involved in a project, I, like the old masters, have the intention to make a gesamtkunstwerk.

I  have also since 2013 have had focus on my own house and design, where I have full control.

As I explain that if I was a musician, I was about to release my own record.

I have built a modern version of a barn building, the essence of old Danish architecture, but I have also designed all the furniture, fixtures, everything.